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Discover a business to business Ecommerce shopping cart program focused on ATG Dynamo that even small business Websites can afford from ATG Dynamo Resource Point Web development services.

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ATG Dynamo Resource Point
ATG Dynamo Resource Point
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"One of the Internet's strengths is its ability to help consumers find the right needle in a digital haystack of data."—- Jared Sandberg


ATG Dynamo Business To Business Ecommerce

Web development services from ATG Dynamo Resource Point for Ecommerce services within the ATG shopping cart program that even small business Websites will love.

At ATG Dynamo Resource Point are practical and innovative approach delivers eCommerce solutions that are easy to use with intuitively organized
information and services that are easily accessible to all. Whether selling to customers or buying from suppliers, we have successfully delivered eCommerce solutions that allow both interaction and collaboration across multiple channels.

Our solutions handle everything from catalogue and storefront creation to payment processing, Fraud Protection and fulfillment. Our eCommerce solutions are built around ATG Product Suite and other industry standard software. The ATG Commerce Module automates all aspects of sales and support processes online for consumers, businesses, and channel partners. It helps you to cross-sell and up-sell products more effectively using powerful merchandising capabilities. The self-service order entry and customer service functionality empowers customers to access personalized content while significantly reducing your operating costs.

We can assist you in determining which of several approaches to eCommerce best suits your needs. Our ATG Experts can help you understand the commercial benefits of eCommerce, plan out a route map, optimize the transaction
economics across customer and supplier touch points, and define how self service processes can be streamlined and improved. Resource Point's team of ATG Dynamo professionals are ready to provide solutions you can count on in the following areas:

ATG Dynamo Navigation
Commerce| Optimization | Migration & Upgrade| Integration
ATG Commerce Services

ATG Commerce Applications
• Merchandising & Searchandising
• Commerce Search
• Multivariate Testing
• Marketing Campaign Management
• Business and Customer Analytics
• Integrated Customer Service
• Knowledge / Incident Management
• Self-Service

ATG Commerce Platform
• Shopping Cart & Product Catalog
• Personalization Engine
• Content Management

ATG Optimization Services
ATG Optimization Services
• Click to Call
• Click to Chat
• eMail Management
• Call Tracking
• Automated Recommendations
• Winback
• Form to Phone
• Video Connect
• Save & Send
Migration & Upgrade Services
The Resource Point Network has expertise in migrating data, underlying applications, code and forms to a new platform, RDBMS or newer version via upgrades. Our migration services include:
• Operating system migration (Solaris, Linux, Windows)
• Microsoft non .NET to .NET migration
• Application server migration
• .NET to J2EE migration and vice versa
• ATG older version to ATG newer version migration
• ATG Nucleus (JHTM) based to standard J2EE migration
• Database migration (SQL server, Oracle, DB2)
Design and implementation of Web portal for business on an ATG/Interwoven/Oracle platform
• ATG integration with industry-leading application servers, databases, and portal   servers from companies such as IBM, Oracle/BEA, Microsoft, Brio, Plumtree,   and SAP to achieve personalization, click stream analysis and campaign   management on B2B and B2C.
• Interwoven TeamSite-related projects, ones that required integration with ATG    Dynamo
• Other integration services related to J2EE, Perl, and .NET
1. Affordability with all your project needs.

2. Adaptability to your project goals with a variety of options including both on-site and off-site development & support.

3. Flexibility of meeting all your niche specific concerns within each step of our project creations.

Your success is really as simple as 1 - 2 - 3 when you connect with the Resource Point network for all your IT related needs.